Bold in Flavor, Made from Real Ingredients

Thats why it taste so good! Our new items are something to come back for every morning, highlighting larger portions and a bigger flavor profile. 

Rosemary Potato Breakfast Burrito
Our new breakfast burrito at Autumn Hall is packed with rosemary garlic potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, house made hot sauce and greek yogurt. Served with dressed greens.

Crispy Potato Brekkie
Crispy rosemary garlic potatoes drizzled with a roasted tomato aioli, scrambled eggs with dubliner cheddar, avocado and bacon.

Protein Brekkie
Bacon, soft scrambled eggs, avocado, spinach arugula with a house citrus vinaigrette

Turkey Apple Cheddar
Nitrite Free herb roasted turkey, bacon, sliced apple, greens, house honey mustard aioli on 21 grain bread served with Himalayan salt potato chips





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