F.A.Q. and Help

Loyalty and Rewards

  • How does the Drift loyalty program work?
    • Gain status and earn rewards through our tiered program. Receive a $4 reward for each $50 spent. Emerald Status members receive $5 for each $50 plus VIP benefits. *Offer not valid at our Ocean Isle Beach location
  • Can I use my rewards in store?
    • Yes you can! Just enter your rewards number at the register, if you have gifts in your account you can redeem them!

Order Ahead and Loyalty App Time Saving Tips

  • Can I save my credit card so I don't have to type it in each time I order?
    • Yes, you can save your information on the checkout screen for Quick Re-Order
  • Can I re-order past items?
    1. Yes you can through our Quick Re-Order feature
    2. Tap 'Order'
    3. Select your location
    4. Tap the menu bar in the top right corner
    5. Select 'My Orders'


Ordering and Loading Help

  • I ordered to the wrong location
    • If an order is scheduled more than 2 hours from now, we can cancel the order and have you re-submit for the correct location. If the order is not scheduled for 2 hours or later we suggest you go to the location it was placed to pick it up. Alternatively, we can remake the order at the location of your choice but we must charge an additional 50% of the order value to make the order again.
  • I cant get the Order Ahead App to load
    1. Reset your app and attempt to Order
    2. If this does not work, please walk in your local store to place an order


    Coffee & Other Questions

    • Is your coffee organic?
    Our coffee is considered specialty coffee. This is the highest grade arabica coffee available. 
    • Where do you get your baked goods?
    We have a curated in house baking program that supplies all of our stores.
    • Do you rent the space for events?
    Yes, some of our locations are available for events. We have the perfect space for corporate events, birthdays, celebrations, etc. Learn more here.


      Donations & Marketing Inquiries

      • For donation & marketing inquiries, please fill out the form below:
      Donation/Marketing Inquiry Form