F.A.Q. and Help

Time Saving Tips

  • Can I save my credit card so I don't have to type it in each time I order?
    • Yes, you can save your information on the checkout screen for Quick Re-Order
  • Can I re-order past items?
    1. Yes you can through our Quick Re-Order feature
    2. Tap 'Order'
    3. Select your location
    4. Tap the menu bar in the top right corner
    5. Select 'My Orders'



      Ordering and Loading Help

      • I need to cancel or change my Drift order, is this possible
        • Unfortunately, we can only cancel orders that are scheduled for more than 2 hours into the future. Our guests want products made fresh and fast so we don't have the ability to stop or change an order. If your order is scheduled for more than 2 hours in the future, please reach out to us by email or text.
      • I cant get the Order Ahead & Loyalty App to load
        1. Reset your app: iPhone
        2. Open the Drift Order Ahead & Loyalty App
        3. Place your order



              Loyalty and Rewards

              • How does the Drift loyalty program work?
                • Gain status and earn rewards through our tiered program. Receive a $4 reward for each $50 spent. Emerald Status members receive $5 for each $50 plus VIP benefits. *Offer not valid at our Ocean Isle Beach location
                • Can I use my rewards in store?
                  • Yes you can! Just enter your rewards number at the register, if you have gifts in your account you can redeem them!
                • What are points?
                  • Your points are how Drift keeps track of what status you are. As an example if you have 101 points you will fall into the Silver status. Your points will go up each time you make a purchase and reset at the end of the year. At each 50 point mark you will receive a gift into your account.



                    Contact us at hello@driftcoffee.kitchen for support.